Franci Washburn

“The power is in the process.  Not so much what you say, but how you say it” --Frances Washburn 2011

Watch video of Prof. Washburn's March 2, 2011, reading.

Franci Washburn was born on Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota and grew up there. She earned her Ph.D. from the University of New Mexico and was a visiting professor at the University of Nebraska before being hired at the University of Arizona where she is currently an Associate Professor in the American Indian Studies Program and the Department of English. She is the mother of two children, Lee and Stella. Her first novel, Elsie’s Business, was published is 2004, and a second novel, The Sacred White Turkey, came out in 2010.

Elsie’s Business was the second place winner in the “first novel” category awarded by Western Writers of America. It is currently being used as a required text for literature classes in universities across the country.

Her second novel The Sacred White Turkey has attracted excellent reviews. A third novel, The Red Bird All-Indian Traveling Band, is well underway. She is also working on a biography of Louise Erdrich for Praeger Press, due out in 2012. In addition to the books, she has also published academic articles.